BioStorage, LLC provides quality service by adhering to strict quality control and assurance procedures and by following ISBER’s Best Practices. Such procedures will ensure the safety of personnel and community without compromising the integrity of the biospecimen.

  • Stand-by freezers to accommodate freezer failures
  • Freezers and equipment are under service contracts
  • Freezers and equipment on 24/7 monitoring and alarm system
  • Designated personnel are on-call 24/7 for rapid response to alarm
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) available for all tasks;

SOPs are reviewed every 1-2 years and changed as needed

  • Continuing education, training, and safety programs for personnel
  • Necessary permits for interstate transporting of biospecimens
  • Inventory tracking system
  • Equipment calibrated with NIST traceable probes
  • UPS battery backup systems for equipment and freezers
  • Installation of LN2 back-up system for ULT freezers available upon request


Moving Customer Equipment

  • The Customer must list manufacturer, model and age of freezers being moved
  • The room and hallway dimensions must be given prior to pick up
  • The Customer owned equipment must be current with preventative maintenance contracts
  • BioStorage will inspect equipment within the Baltimore area prior to pick up to ensure mechanical integrity. Should the Customer’s equipment need repair, the Customer shall pay BioStorage a service and parts rate computed by BioStorage for the repairs provided.

Moving Freezers Containing Biospecimens

  • All vials must be in cardboard boxes and secured in an inventory rack system.(BioStorage is a distributor for racks.)
  • Dead space in freezer must be filled to prevent shifting of material.

BioSpecimens and Repository

  • The Customer is responsible for ensuring that preserved research material arrives at BioStorage Repository in a viable condition.
  • BioStorage makes all reasonable efforts to preserve viable biospecimens submitted frozen for safekeeping by maintaining the material in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen freezers at –180/-190°C or in Mechanical freezers at –70/-85°C.
  • BioStorage shall maintain storage and temperature records of Customer’s biospecimens while at the Repository
  • Only authorized representatives of the Customer can have access to the BioRepository; authorized representatives will only have access to their freezers only. This will be strictly enorced.
  • The Customer must call BioStorage two hours in advance to retrieve biospecimens.
  • While pulling samples from mechanical freezers:
    » Must have cooler of dry ice to put pulled samples on (BioStorage can provide this for extra charge.)
    » Freezer doors are not allowed to stay open for more than 4 minutes.
    » If temperature reaches higher than 65°, freezer must be kept close until temperature reached 75°..

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