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Biological Specimen Management (Short/Long Term Storage and Proper Disposal)

  • Biospecimens can be stored short-term storage (3 months min-1 year) or long-term storage (1 or more years). Storage temperatures range from +4°C to –190°C.
  • Biospecimens can be stored by cryobox, cryorack, or freezer. Store in our freezers or your own. Inventory management available. Customer can track biospecimens in handwritten log (like Excel) or a custom complete program. Customer records can be imported into our inventory control system. Quarterly inventory and/or freezer temperature reports are available.
  • Biospecimens, with written authorization, can be properly disposed of according to government regulations.

BioStorage Lab Services Division

BioStorage Labs was established to provide a one-stop solution for the scientific community. The laboratory services, in conjunction with the repository services, will allow research scientists to focus on their research. BioStorage has partnered with Tanya Ray, a member of ISBER and former lab manager at Johns Hopkins University, who has over 18 years of laboratory and repository experience.

Laboratory contact:


Note: Samples submitted for processing must be used for research only.

  • Blood Fractionation
    Lymphocytes are fractionated from the blood and banked and/or transformed to create immortalized cell lines. Plasma/sera are isolated, aliquoted, and banked for subsequent distribution.
  • Cell Line Banking/Distribution
    Clients submit cell lines for banking and distribution. Upon arrival, the cell line would be screened for mycoplasma. The cell line would be expanded, aliquoted, and banked for distribution.
  • Monoclonal Antibodies Production/Purification
    Non-hybridoma Cell Secreted Protein

    Expand hybridomas in hollow-fiber vessel for antibody production and purification. Other protein secreting cells can be grown as well.
  • Mycoplasma Testing
    Quality Control for your lab. All samples submitted to BioStorage Labs for processing must be tested. Screening methodology includes DNA fluorochrome staining after growth on an indicator cell line.
  • Large Scale Projects
    Cell lines can be grown in large quantities using a variety of methods.

Quality Assurance

BioStorage Lab adheres to best practices and standards set by cGLP, GTCP, FDA, and ISBER (International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories) BioStorage Labs maintains a Quality Management System to assure quality personnel, products, and services.

Transportation/Shipment of Biospecimens

  • Biospecimens can be picked up and/or delivered to and/or from our facility. We can transport biospecimens in your equipment or ours. Vehicles are designed and equipped to handle packing and transport temperature or humidity–sensitive material and equipment.
  • Your LN2 or ULT freezers can be professionally relocated and set up
  • Biospecimens can be shipped internationally or domestically. Shipments are done in compliance with all applicable regulations. Staff is DOT certified to ship.

Freezer and Equipment Maintenance

BioStorage, LLC contracts all freezer repair and maintenance to Neighoff Mechanical Contractors, Inc (NMC). NMC, Inc. has provided prompt, courteous & professional customer service for over 40 years. It operates a state of the art repair facility to address the needs and expectations of the customers. All freezers and equipment are maintained by NMC, Inc.

For repair service (including 24/7 emergencies), schedule maintenance, inquire about maintenance contracts or other information, please call NMC, Inc. at. (866) 698-3897 or contact

Freezer and Accessories Supplier

BioStorage, LLC is an authorized distributor of LN2 and ULT freezers and accessories

Freezer Leasing: Don’t have the capitol to spend on a freezer!

BioStorage allows you to choose from the following options;

  1. Lease to own
  2. Rent for the duration of your needs
  3. Flexible payments

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